learn how spectunes is magical

Powerful integration of spectacles and technology

Smart Temples

A groundbreaking  fusion of connectivity and innovation driven by Bluetooth technology. These intelligent temples facilitate wireless pairing with devices like smartphones and tablets, transforming the glasses into multifunctional accessories.


Integrated with Interactive touch sensor for ease of accessibility of features. Intuitive interfaces with Slides , Taps and Hold on both right and left temples.

Audio system with open-ear speaker directivity

Enriched with directional speakers, our Spectunes craft an immersive augmented audio experience, tailoring music, audio books and voice AI interactions exclusively for the wearer. Experience pristine sound delivered directly to your ears, all while staying connected to your surroundings through the open-ear design.

Mems microphone

Spectunes ensure crystal-clear calls and direct access to voice AI. Allowing seamless communication with enhanced clarity, delivering an unparalleled experience for both calls and voice-activated interactions right from your Spectunes with integrated Mems microphone technology

Magnetic Hinge design

Featuring a distinctive magnetic hinge design, our Spectunes introduce a unique level of adaptability. Effortlessly switch to new frames with different lenses at your convenience, allowing for a personalized and ever-evolving eyewear experience. This innovation seamlessly combines style and functionality, redefining the possibilities of smart glasses.

Our Lenses

Offering adaptability through integration with various lenses. Choose from clear lenses for daily use, polarized lenses for outdoor activities, reading lenses, computer lenses or prescription lenses for vision correction, these frames cater to diverse needs. This  ensures that our smart glasses are a  companion for various preferences and requirements.


Featuring integrated battery  in each temple, Spectunes redefine user convenience with an impressive 5+ hours of playback time and more than 4 hours of talk time, ensuring extended usage throughout the day. The inclusion of high-speed charging adds an extra layer of practicality, allowing you to quickly replenish power for uninterrupted connectivity on the go.

Tune In

Tune into your favorite songs and playlists 

effortless Calls

Stay seamlessly connected for important calls and meetings hands-free. Spectunes establishes a Bluetooth connection with your phone, allowing you to effortlessly engage in phone conversations, participate in Video meetings, or conduct video calls — all without the need to reach for phones or earphones.

Navigate like never before

Navigation directions directly beamed to your ears without having to look at your phones. Seamlessly be guided to reach to your destination safely. 

AI Assistants

Stay connected with AI assistants through your Spectunes. Take help of Google assistant or Alexa on Android and Siri or Alexa on iOS whenever needed. 

Make calls, send messages, search subjects or take notes just by a finger slide on your temple to activate your favourite AI assistant to assist you on the go. 

gaming mode on

Make Spectunes your gaming companion to reduce ear fatigue caused by ear-phones. And Spectunes ensures you are aware of your surroundings while intense gaming. 

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